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Week 18

Jobs in the media
Study for final – Plan for final

Week 17

Monday –

Produce Show 12

Thursday –

TV Production Assignment 6


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Week 16

What is online television

Week 15

Monday – Assign jobs
Thursday – Record Show 14

Tuesday –
What Makes News?
What Makes News document?

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Week 14

Show 13

Vocabulary – Due at the end of class on today – Unless you are writing the script.
Vocabulary TV Production

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Week 13


Friday – Choose a TV Station located in Oregon

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Week 12

Tuesday– Assign Jobs/Work day

Thursday – Production Day

Week 11

Show 11

Regular week

tv-prod-worksheet (1)

Distance Learning For All

Option #1
Continue to produce SaxonTV on a biweekly schedule rotating jobs

Option #2
Create a TV Package to air on SaxonTV
Cooking segment
A story you find

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